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This post is a must read for all Investors who wish to diversify their portfolio in one single trade.  In this post we have the following for you.                                                       […]

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How compound Trading can make you RICH!


It’s not just how much money you start with that counts, it’s also how much time you allow that money to work for you. Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal of a sum, so that from that moment on, the accumulated interest that has been added also earns interest. We see […]

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The Indian stock markets particularly NSE and BSE are believed to have created millionaires overnight so much so that gullible investors get sucked into the financial jungle only to find that they have lost huge sums of money and they are not alone. Find out why? People generally enter the share markets to make quick […]

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The Emotion Factor in Buying & Selling


Stock investors must realise the importance of positioning the investment process within a behavioural framework. Following on from our first two articles on Hope, Fear and Greed investor and Market Psychology, we will briefly outline an oversimplified way of dealing with market and human behaviour. For the purposes of this illustration, we are going to make the fictitious […]

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